10 February, 2016
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Thoughts from the drivers seat

“It was a windy and cold January day when Mitchell Group dropped off the brand new Lexus RX450h at The Yew Tree.  I was blown away by it’s looks - elegant lines, chiselled front, it looked muscular without being too macho. And it’s certainly bigger than I was expecting ! 

I had the Lexus for a week - a week of frost, snow, sleet, torrential rain and gale force winds - and yet the car never let me down. If you shut your eyes you’d never know how bad the weather was outside the cabin - it was tranquil, efficient, relaxing… until we found the Sport Mode !

This transforms the car, the engine roars and when pushed it literally takes off - exhilarating ! Great for a quick overtake or causing on the motorway where it feels so natural, even with its size.

The car is packed with great features - the automatic heated seats were a god send in the cold winter weather - and the parking cameras were handy as I wasn’t quite used to a large SUV.  Everything is electric, from changing the steering wheel height to the fully automatic panoramic roof to the amazing entertainment & climate control system !

The system screen is bigger than my son's tv in his bedroom - and is controlled by a smart joypad with which you can pretty much control and set everything in the car - from choosing a track from your phone (which paired so easily) to the settings for the climate control to finding your next destination - it was so simple and caused no distraction whilst driving too.

I loved this car - and had a huge smile on my face whenever I drove it - and I was gutted when it was collected. In my pub car park full of other luxury SUV’s it stood out like a shining beacon of originality, power and above all, shear beauty.  I’m sure we’ll see a lot more here soon.

Verdict - 5/5”

Jon Cox


The Yew Tree Inn
Long Lane