24 April, 2017
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Thoughts from the drivers seat

Thank you to our Mazda customer Ann Carroll who kindly took the time to review her new MX-5 RF for us after taking delivery of her new car....

  1. Reason for purchase?  My car was approaching 3yrs, plus high mileage, plus my husband brought home a very glossy picture of the new MX-5 RF, and I was curious see it.
  2. Make and model you chose? MX-5 RF Launch Edition – Red / Black.
  3. Reason for choice? My last four cars have been MX-5 so obviously I love the MX-5, yes ‘us’ MX-5 owners do definitely get emotionally attached. Plus I didn’t think Mazda could keep improving the car, plus I thought recently they had gone a little masculine, but they have improved the MX-5 in the RF model and the look, well she is very special.
  4. Your first impressions of the vehicle?
    • Aesthetic looks: Kerb appeal, great colour, smooth looking with its different shape ‘Bond looking’ !
    • Size: Cute looking, looks compact without losing the capacity and the style.
    • Practicality : Has lots of additional gadgets.
    • Drive: Test drive convinced me it was different, it felt smooth.
  5. Your thoughts following delivery?
    • Practicality: Lots of  additional assistance to making the driving experience more safe and fun, she speaks to me - beeping about a variety of safety aspects which has improved and sharpened my driving skills.
    • Drive: The drive is great - she is a cool smooth drive, everything is easy and one has to watch the speed more,I learnt the cruise control very quickly – don’t want any speed fines but she picks up great and leaves folk from a standing start – brings a smile !
    • Interior Design: I was a little concerned I would lose space but no, the leg and head space is comfortable, all digital needs are at hand, the Bose sound equipment is excellent. The digital audio is so easy to use, which is a relief, the hands free is excellent to my previous MX-5’s. The seats are fab and very comfy - they seem to wrap around you making me feel safe. Love the little hidey compartments behind the seat etc.
    • Styling: The colour and the suede / leather combination on the seats is really lovely with its red trim – a girl loves a little style and the MX-5 always deliver style, it makes one feel special. Love the black wheels against the red and black body work too.
    • Gadgets: As stated above the gadgets are brilliant, handy and easy to use. The safety aspects are good to improve and sharpen the driver skills. Gadgets can make a difference to the driving experience and part of the style and practicality. I like the CD being separate.
    • Space: I felt and assumed it looked smaller but I have found the boot, the head and leg room all good and comfortable. The space has not been compromised as I thought initially.
    • Economy: Well, every customer wants something for nothing and this car, being the RF and launch edition is much more expensive than the other MX-5's which I have had before - but then with all the extra’s, the unique look and the limited edition, which is labelled in the car, for an MX-5 owner and as the advert says ‘ because your worth it’ !


  • Your overall score for your vehicle out of 5?  5 +
  • Verdit: Wow! Great new model, as I described initially my first drive home was amazing, she is one sexy lady, a real head turner, it was a real V ava Voom moment or as Mazda would say a Zoom moment !