28 April, 2017
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ŠKODA reveal new small SUV

The ŠKODA KAROQ is a completely newly designed SUV that sets new benchmarks for our brand and its segment in every way. With this New SUV, we are taking the next logical step in our SUV strategy.

As before the people from Kodiaq island provided the inspiration for the name of the ŠKODA KAROQ. This remote archipelgo off the southern coast of Alaska is an untamed and fascinating landscape. In the language of the indigenous people from the Alutiiq tribe who live there, 'car' is 'KAA'RAQ'. They use the term 'RUQ' for arrow, the symbol that constitutes the central element of ŠKODA's logo and represents the brand's dynamism.

Set to premiere on 18 May in Stockholm, it's market launch will follow in the second half of 2017.