12 July, 2017
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The History of Red - Mazda

At critical junctures in its history, Mazda has used red as the symbolic color for its mainstay models, such as the Mazda 323, MX-5, RX-8 and the second-generation MPV. The RX-Evolv, a rotary engine-powered concept car premiered in 2000, was painted with a variety of red called vermillion Japonesque. The color designers also pursued the ultimate red for each subsequent concept car, including the Ryuga, the Kabura, the Minagi and the Takeri.

The ultimate red that best expresses Mazda’s strong passion is a concept that has lived on from generation to generation within Mazda’s design team. Soul Red Crystal is a vivid new paint colour with a depth and finish as beautiful as one achieved by a master craftsman. Accentuating the beauty of the Mazda KODO Design, the new colour is extraordinarily vivid and full of energy.