21 May, 2018
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Diamond found by hero employee

It was the week beginning 16th April 2018, when Mrs Friggatt had a fall on our site. As she put her hand out to break the fall her ring hit the ground first and sent her diamond tumbling to an unknown location. The employees here at Mitchell Group rushed to her aid and scavenged for the lost diamond. The next paragraph is a statement shared by Mrs Friggatt:

"Dear Mr.Mitchell. You may recall the incident last week when I fell whilst collecting our car from your workshop. This resulted in my engagement ring being damaged and the diamond falling out. The reaction of several members of your staff was exemplary, providing me with a drink and a dressing for my arm. Not only this but they insisted on searching for my diamond and unbelievably one of the ladies found it! On taking my ring to be repaired we were staggered to learn the cost of repair, but because of 54 years of happy memories we went ahead and now await its return in all its glory.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for our tour of your establishment of which we were most impressed along with the 'family' atmosphere of your staff. It is both rare and pleasing to see such a happy work place."


Can you guess where the Diamond was hiding?


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