05 October, 2018
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Updated 0839hrs Friday 19th October 2018


Wash and Go is on tomorrow ! We look forward to seeing all your dirty cars here bright and early !

Wash and Go runs betweem 8:30am and 12:00pm however in the unlikely situation the temperature falls below -4, our machines will cease to function correctly.

The weather forecast for tomorrow includes a temperature range between 8 and 17 degrees, with plenty of sun.

Wash and Go Factoids

  • On Saturday mornings in 2017 we washed a total of 7424 cars at our Wash and Go.
    • In 2017 we washed 21 less cars than 2016
    • The most cars we washed on one Saturday morning was 204 on 7th January 2017.
  •  On Saturday mornings in 2016 we washed a total of 7445 cars at our Wash and Go.
    •  In 2016 we washed 1236 more cars than 2015
  • On Saturday mornings in 2015 we washed a total of 6209 cars at our Wash and Go
  • On Saturday mornings in 2014 we washed a total of 4651 cars at our Wash and Go (over 31 weeks due to our construction programme).