11 January, 2019
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Latest Update

Updated 1405hrs Friday 18th January 2019

PLEASE NOTE - With the early forecast for tomorrow looking rather cold, it is unlikey that all of our car washes will be operational from 0830hrs. Wash and go will be running however our capacity maybe limited. Please check here for a further update, before travelling over to see us.

Forecast for tomorrow:

t will be a mostly cloudy and misty day with patchy light rain and drizzle. there could be some hill fog around too. It will be a chilly day. Light winds.

Maximum temperature 4°C.

Wash and Go runs betweem 8:30am and 12:00pm however in the unlikely situation the temperature falls below +4 degrees, our machines will cease to function correctly.

Wash and Go Factoids

  • On Saturday mornings in 2017 we washed a total of 7424 cars at our Wash and Go.
    • In 2017 we washed 21 fewer cars than 2016
    • The most cars we washed on one Saturday morning was 204 on 7th January 2017.
  •  On Saturday mornings in 2016 we washed a total of 7445 cars at our Wash and Go.
    •  In 2016 we washed 1236 more cars than 2015
  • On Saturday mornings in 2015 we washed a total of 6209 cars at our Wash and Go
  • On Saturday mornings in 2014 we washed a total of 4651 cars at our Wash and Go (over 31 weeks due to our construction programme).