07 July, 2015
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Lexus wins battle of the hybrids

The Results

Lexus 1st

Auto Express said 'In the battle of the hybrid saloons, the IS 300h takes a narrow win.  It's hybrid powertrain feels better resolved than Mercedes as it relies on the electric motor more frequently to save fuel, is more refined and switches between drive modes more smoothly.  The Lexus isn't as fast as it's rival, but it's more relaxing to drive, and while it trails on interior quality, if you go for a Premier model, you won't be left wanting for kit.'


Mercedes 2nd

'The C-class feels like a shrunken S-Class inside, but if you buy a Blue TEC Hybrid for its fuel-saving potential, you might be disappointed.  It runs on its noisy diesel engine too often, spoiling the cabin ambience and harmony economy, while the car never feels as relaxing as the ISon the road.  There's lots of kit, but apart from the C300's added performance and low emissions, it doesn't delivermuch more than a standard diesel C-Class.


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