26 October, 2015
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Octavia vRS 230 first reviews

The first reviews of the Octavia vRS 230 are full of admiration for ŠKODA’s most powerful production vRS ever. Here is a round-up of the reviews so far.

Evo.co.uk – four stars

“The electronically controlled mechanical diff is the highlight of the car. A multi-plate clutch unit, it can deliver up to 100 per cent of the engine’s torque to the front wheel with the most grip and traction. “The larger standard wheel and tyre combination provide an increased tyre foot print and, consequently, more grip.” Read the full review here.


“The vRS’s chiselled looks remain, but with added menace courtesy of a gloss black finish on the grille, door mirrors, spoiler and exhaust trims. Red brake calipers and 19in alloys finish the effect. “If what you really need is your hatch to be handy as well as hot, then for practicality you can’t do much better than this. Unless, that is, you buy the estate version instead.” Read the full review here.

Auto Express – four stars

“The ŠKODA Octavia vRS 230 remains a practical and fast hot hatchback, with added appeal due to its reasonably low running costs and value over rivals. “The increase in power knocks a tenth of a second off the 0-62mph time (now 6.7 seconds), while also claiming the title as the fastest road-going Octavia ever in the process with a 155mph top speed. “The steering is well weighted and the six-speed manual gearbox is just as precise as before. The benefit of the diff should also be far more noticeable on the road too, helping to fire you out of slower corners with greater precision.”   Read the full review here

Car Magazine – four stars “If you’re a fan of the regular Octavia vRS – and we are – there’s much to like here. ŠKODA’s brand promise of extra space is a real boon, with lashings of leg and luggage room all round. Especially if you pick the estate (the 230 pack comes in both body styles). “It’s business as usual for the vRS, really. We’re big fans of the fast Octavia - this is a sensible, rational choice with added performance piquancy.” Read the full review here.


26 October 2015