26 June, 2015
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Rave reviews for the new Skoda Superb

Motoring publications and websites are already gushing with praise after driving the new Superb for the first time. Here are just some of the outstanding reviews the car has already had:

Auto Express

"The new Superb is the culmination of everything that ŠKODA has become so good at. Its huge and airy interior is beautifully screwed together and littered with clever touches to make your life easier, while the exterior is an exercise in sculpted modern minimalism."

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Top Gear

"A surprisingly reasonable amount of money for such a lot of car. Despite its dimensional swelling, the new Superb is, spec-for-spec, a fraction cheaper than the outgoing car, with prices starting at £18,640 for the basest petrol, and rising to over £34,000 for the all-the-trimmings 4WD version.

"Option wisely, and – short of a panel van – there's not much out there that offers such sheer volume for your cash. That the Superb looks tidy, goes nicely and offers plenty of tech only sweetens the deal."

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What Car?

"When judged against the equivalent Mondeo, Passat and 3 Series for value, there's no doubt you should buy one. The Superb is extremely well equipped, very competitive on fuel economy and CO2 emissions and is vastly more spacious and practical."

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Auto Trader

"The formula for the Superb remains much the same. Unrivalled interior space, heaps of practicality and a decent driving experience are what made the old car great, but the new version adds style, cutting-edge technology and strong efficiency into the mix, too. It feels very similar to the Passat, Octavia and Golf, but offers a lot of kit at an affordable price."

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Car Buyer

"The new ŠKODA Superb looks good and is practical, refined and spacious. For most buyers, this car will do everything they need and more.

"The Superb is the Czech brand's largest and most luxurious car. The latest model takes it to a new level, offering the space and refinement of much more expensive saloon cars for a lot less money. The interior is the best that ŠKODA has ever made and all Superb models come with plenty of standard equipment."

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"Spacious, comfortable, well-equipped and reasonably good value to run, the ŠKODA Superb has always had plenty of appeal – and now it’s sleek and sexy enough to worry the best from German rivals like the Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series as well as offer strong competition against popular rivals like the Ford Mondeo."

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26 June 2015

Skoda Superb picture by Dawn Sutton, Mitchell Skoda Sales Specialist