POSITIVELY CHARGED The all-new ŠKODA ENYAQ iV isn’t just a new SUV. It’s a brand-new philosophy. Say hello to ŠKODA’s first fully electric car. To a fresh new take on technology, performance and environmental responsibility. Get ready for more comfort in the seat, fun behind the wheel and adventure on the horizon. Then prepare yourself for electrifying acceleration, enhanced connectivity and a brand-new approach to interior design. After all, to carry the iV badge means more than simply being an innovative vehicle. It means embracing change and leaving nothing behind. Fitting for an SUV with zero emissions. Welcome to the ENYAQ iV

ELECTRIC, EVEN ON THE OUTSIDE DIFFERENT BY DESIGN While the higher body frame, the robust front with a distinctively shaped bonnet and higher ground clearance announce the car’s SUV character, the new-concept grille promises a surprise under the bonnet. Although a clean electric car does not really need a grille, the ENYAQ iV model wouldn’t be the same without it. This strong identification element, which gives ŠKODA vehicles their typical expression, plays the role of an original design accessory. All these features combined make the ENYAQ iV as recognisable as any other ŠKODA

SHINING LIGHT This optional front grille features 130 LEDs and creates a dazzling strip between the headlights. The resulting Crystal Face turns on when the headlights are activated and powerfully illuminates the road ahead along with the dipped beam lights. In a car packed with eye-catching design features, few command more attention

CONNECTIVITY TO GO WHEREVER YOU GO By enabling you to be fully online on the go, the ENYAQ iV keeps you fully informed at every corner and entertained at every turn. ŠKODA Connect turns the ENYAQ iV into a fully interconnected electric car, with a host of online services included as part of the iV Remote Services package

SMALL IDEAS FOR BIG IMPACT The ENYAQ iV isn’t simply emission-free, it’s hassle-free too thanks to a host of thoughtful touches and smart storage spaces that make everyday use feel easier in every way.



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