Lexus Chester is committed to complying with all applicable legal and compliance obligations regarding the protection of the environment. Insofar as they relate to the Company’s activities, the Company applies the following policies in giving effect to these commitments;

Environmental pledge

The Lexus pledges, so far as reasonably practical:

(a)             to support in full  the reduction to zero CO2 emissions produced throughout the entire life cycle of Toyota cars;

(b)             to reduce consumption of raw materials (including energy) and to minimise and optimise water usage, and fully manage the prevention and disposal of any pollutants.

(c)           to support in full the development of a recycling based society by minimising the disposal of waste  which is not recycled. 

(d)             to contribute to the protection and enhancement of biodiversity.

Continuous improvement 

Consistent with the Toyota Way management philosophy. Lexus aims to achieve continuous improvement in the management of its environmental performance, opportunities and risk exposures to through a combination of:

  1. research, planning, and annual target setting;
  2. the use of energy saving and pollution limiting technologies
  3. monitoring and measuring against KPIs  with the commitment of top management, and reviewing procedures against policy objectives and legal requirements

Communication Awareness

The Company aims to raise the environmental awareness of its own personnel and its retail customers through the provision of information about the environmental impact of its products, activities and best practices. This will help to foster to an environmental mind set. This document will be reviewed every two years, or in the event of any necessary changes.

The ultimate aim of the Company is to reach environmental leadership through the whole vehicle life cycle. 

Date: 31/03/2018

Agreed by: Neil Crowden

Position: Director




Work towards zero CO2 produced throughout the whole vehicle environment life cycle.

Commitment to developing a recycling-based society by minimising waste.

Ongoing quest to reduce consumption of raw materials (including energy.)

2 contribute to the protection and enhancement of biodiversity.



To minimise waste, we will recycle our Nespresso capsules, separate our cardboard and general waste.

Reduce consumption of raw materials we have the buildings air conditioning on a timer that is recorded daily by Optimal Monitoring, who provide a ISX Report. This allows us to monitor and make sure it is not tampered with. We turn off our computer bases at the end of the day, the screens are on a timer which closes the screen when not in use.

We minimise and optimise water usage as our cars are jet washed, using less water than using the car wash and this in turns also reduces the electricity output required.

Protection and enhancement of biodiversity is carried out by ensuring the surrounding areas are maintained. By way of providing a hedge between the forecourt for centre stage purposes and the natural habitat for the wildlife. Trees have been planted that offer a home for the birds and berries for them to eat, the bull rushes create excellent habitat for wild birds, trap beneficial bacteria and nesting cover for bass and bluegill, insects, ants and butterflies to mention a few, as well as enhancing the area.

One way we manage the prevention and disposal of pollutants is we recycle engine oil, by way of using it to heat a home providing heating and hot water, in return reducing the usage of gas or electricity.


The subject is raised at our weekly team meeting for ongoing improvements, regular spot checks are done by our environmental champion, our computers are on a balanced performance with energy consumption capable hardware.


All staff shall report any enquiries / complaints / NC (both internal and external) to Kimm Godfrey the Environmental Champion which shall be recorded, tracked and maintained by Kimm Godfrey and reviewed by Neil Crowden Chief Environmental Officer of Lexus Chester.


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